Year 3

Year 3

Year 3

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2017-2018 Projects

2016-2017 Projects

Autumn Class Two

As part of Class Two’s topic on cold places; in particular the Arctic, the children made some ice berg cakes. They had to follow a recipe, weigh out the ingredients and work in a group to make the delicious cakes. The class also learnt about real icebergs by observing...

Class Two Pirate Day

On Thursday 30th March Class Two were transformed into the crew of a pirate ship. The class had to scrub the decks, make Dubloons (coins), pirate flags, eyepatches and purses. The children took their orders from a pirate Captain who came into school for the day from...


In the first half of the Spring term. Class Two enjoyed learning about Health and Growth. The children learnt about how we change as we grow and what we need to help us grow like a good diet, exercise and sleep. The class were visited by baby Mason and his mum. Mason...


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