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Year 2

Year 2

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2017/2018 Projects

2016/2017 Projects

Autumn Term 2016 Forces Workshop

This term year 1 carried out some investigations on forces during a fun circus themed workshop. The children explored different forces through practical activities these included; balancing clowns, firing foam rockets, using different magnets to navigate items through...

Spring 2017 Plants Parent Activity

During spring term, year one started noticing the changes in the season and plants had begun to grow leaves and grow out of the ground again. We found out about what plants need to grow and the names of the different parts of the plant. For our parent activity a grown...

Spring 2017 Whipsnade Zoo

During Year 1’s Australia Topic the children investigated where Australia was on a map; they found out that it is a continent and a country! Year 1 had been fascinated by the weird and wonderful animals found in Australia. They discovered that some animals are only...


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