Dear Parents/Carers You have probably heard in the news recently about the new National Funding Formula for schools. You have probably also heard how harshly most schools have been hit by this – especially small schools. The Head Teachers of 14 local authorities have joined together to try to raise awareness of the severity of this year’s cuts and the proposed cuts over the next two years. I am passionate about The Ryde School and am very proud of the school we have developed together in the five years I have had the privilege of being the Head Teacher. This year we began the year with a deficit budget. Thankfully, because we have always been prudent we had a contingency that could offset this for this year and next year – providing no disaster strikes with the roof, heating system etc. However, by the following year, when yet even more cuts will be made our contingency will be exhausted. What will happen to The Ryde School then? I do not know. The impact of this year’s budget cuts are: – a reduction in the hours of several teacher’s contracts – a reduction in the number of support staff – a reduction the hours of some support staff – refurbishment of Class 2 cancelled – replacement of damaged corridor flooring by back door cancelled In addition to these, economies have to be made in the grounds management, the decoration of the building and the replacement of old furniture and equipment. Next year I anticipate I will have to make further cuts to staffing and the maintenance of the building and grounds. Please read the two letters that are attached and lobby election candidates to try to stop any further cuts. The future of your child’s school is at risk.