Dear Parents/ Carers

The children have been enjoying completing follow up work from the trip to Trent Park earlier this term.  Each class will have work displayed in the hall showing the activities they took part in on the day.  You will be able to view these on Parents Evenings that are planned for the week beginning Monday 20th March.

It is World Book Day tomorrow and the children will be having a special school lunch.  We are celebrating World Book Day next week as we have a story teller booked for next Friday.  As you will appreciate, booking a storyteller is quite difficult in World Book Day week as many schools try to book for that week.  As part of our celebrations this year the staff will be sharing extracts from their favourite children’s book on Wednesday.  On Thursday children are asked to bring a copy of their favourite book to school as the teachers have planned activities around these books.  On Friday a story teller will present three age appropriate workshops for the children.  There will be other activities going on in various classrooms and assemblies will be referring to books or authors.  I am sure your children will enjoy this week.

We have listened to feedback and comments from parents and children after last year’s World Book Day and have decided this year that the children will not be dressing up.

As you are probably aware our SATs results at the end of last year were very good and of a high standard compared to national results.  I would like to share with you that this has been recognised by Herts for Learning and have attached a copy of their letter to me, acknowledging our success.  Click here

We had a safeguarding audit in the school yesterday to look at our practices and processes regarding all aspects of safeguarding.  I am pleased to report that the audit was very positive and the school was praised for its good practices.  There were one or two suggestions made to improve things further, and these were put in place straight away.

I have become increasingly concerned about the safety of children and their families in our car park.  It is very dangerous for pedestrians to cross the car park.  All pedestrians should use the main gate leading down to the school office.  Signs have been put up again to remind everyone not to walk across the car park.  The children have been taught about the dangers of walking in the car park in assembly times.  Parents should not use the car park unless they have a permit, which needs to be applied for on a termly basis.  I have included a copy of our Car Park Policy for you to read.   Click here

You would have noticed a skip was delivered to the school before half term.  This was filled over half term with an accumulation of old furniture, debris left behind the Reception Class sheds and a rotting raised bed was removed from the Reception Class area as well.  To improve this outdoor area, we have had play turf laid to make this area more accessible and less muddy for the children and staff, and has a really positive impact on the children’s enjoyment and use of the area.  To further develop this area, over the next few weeks, paving slabs will be laid between the sheds to enable children to access the water butt.  Slabs will also be laid where the raised bed was so a table can be placed there for activities.  This will hopefully make the area more functional and look nicer too.

Later this term we will be asking parents to help plant up the beds in this area.  If you have some spare time to help with this project could you let Ms Stachg or the office know please (no gardening experience needed!).

We have been very fortunate to have a parent volunteering to reorganise our library.  Work on the new Learning Centre (previously the IT room) is progressing well and the new non-fiction library is being stocked.  We are in the process of obtaining quotes for the equipment for children to be able to carry out filming and animation projects in the centre too.  Once this is in place it just remains to buy new furniture to suit the uses of the room.  We will share this room with you once it is finished.

Term Dates

2nd March 2017World Book Day school meal
6th March 2017 Year 1 Parent Assembly
7th March 2017 Tag Rugby Tournament
8th March 2017Year 3 Parent Activity
10th March 2017Storyteller in school
15th March 2017Year 5 Parent Activity
17th March 2017Year 5 trip to Welwyn Garden City Synagogue
20th March – 23rd March 2017Parents Evening
21st March 2017Year 4 Football Tournament
22nd March 2017 Year 1 Parent Activity
23rd March 2017 Reception to Mill Green Museum
23rd March 2017Year 2 Parent Activity
29th March 2017Year 4 and 5 Production
30th March 2017 Year 2 Pirates Day
31st March 2017Cheerleading Competition
31st March 2017Last day of Spring Term – School closes at 2pm
14th April 2017Good Friday – School Closed
17th April 2017 Easter Monday – School Closed
18th April 2017 INSET DAY – School Closed
19th April 2017First day back to school
1st May 2017 Bank Holiday – School Closed
4th May 2017Class Photographs
8th May – 12th May 2017KS2 SATs
29th May – 2nd June 2017Summer Half Term
21st June 2017Provisional District Sports day
27th – 30th June 2017Year 5 to York
13th July 2017Year 6 visit to Secondary School
14th July 2017Sports day
21st July 2017Last Day of Term – School closes at 2pm
4th September 2017First day back to school

Yours sincerely

Mrs Sue Thompson