Dear Parents/ Carers

We had a very positive week at The Ryde last week.

I am very proud of some children in Class 6.  As you are aware the football goal posts were broken by the children.  Although they were warned regularly over a period of time not to swing on them, they continued to do so and they snapped.  As they were broken in this way, I discussed with the children that I would not be prepared to replace them until they could demonstrate they would treat any new goalposts with more respect.  Some Class 6 children wrote me a letter suggesting that they could fundraise to raise the money to replace the goalposts.  I was very impressed at their sense of responsibility and the initiative they had used.  Fundraising events were held, organised completely by the children, and they raised £141.00.  We also had some very generous donations from some parents.  Therefore, as well as the broken goal posts being replaced, a further set will be purchased and some new footballs.

Our Eco Day on Saturday 5th November was very successful with families arriving with tools and goodwill ready to carry out some much needed work.  The wild area has been improved and windfall apples cleared.  A new composting area is being established at the end of the wild area to accommodate the huge piles of leaves that were collected.  Raised beds have been cleared ready for planting.  I would like to thank all the families that came and helped.

Class 4 had their parent assembly on Wednesday which was very well attended by parents. The children were able to share some of the information they had learned about the Tudors and share some of their art work too.  Parents were very impressed with their children’s work and knowledge.

Some Reception Class parents attended a reading workshop on Wednesday morning.  Miss Stachg and myself explained how The Ryde School teaches reading and how this can be supported at home by parents.  Examples of the books that are used to teach reading were shared as well as examples of ‘real’ books.  Parents were appreciative of the workshop and requested one for early writing.  More information will follow about this.

Positive parental involvement has a huge impact on a child’s learning, both academically and socially, and we are very fortunate as a school that we are so well supported by parents.  This support makes such a difference.

Our School Improvement Partner visited last Thursday to review the progress of the school and the school’s standards and I am very pleased to say that she confirmed the progress of the school is very good.  The school is achieving significantly above National and Hertfordshire standards, and confirmed that our Early Years provision is Outstanding.  There were no areas of concern.

I would like to inform you that I have appointed a SENCO.  Her name is Mrs Wall and her appointment is with immediate effect.  I would like to say thank you to Mrs Bartlett who worked hard as our SENCO for the last year and a half.

Finally, the staff have organised a school disco for the children on Wednesday 30th November. More details of this will follow.  As we have no PTA to help with the organisation at the present time, it would be helpful if some parents would volunteer to do a specific job to support the disco.  We would be grateful for helpers to:

  • take the tickets on the door
  • make up and serve drinks and water
  • purchase the sweets from a cash and carry/supermarket
  • sell sweets
  • clearing up the hall and dining hall at the end of the evening

If you are able to help please let us know in the office.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Sue Thompson