Class Two News Summer Term Class Two really enjoyed growing tomato plants this term. They planted the seeds in April and also carried out some experiments to find out what germination was. In the first experiment we soaked some cotton wool and put mung beans in to it. We left the beans for 2 weeks and observed what happened. The children could see that the bean had split and the root was beginning to grow down. This is called germination. During the following weeks, the tomato plants germinated and began to grow. The children measured their plant each week and counted the leaves.  They recorded the changes in a plant diary. We made a tally chart of leaf growth and a bar chart of height measurements over the first few weeks. The children had to investigate if the plant with the most leaves was the tallest. We found out that this was not the case and we had to think about why. The children researched leaves and the function of leaves and concluded that perhaps the leaves used up more energy so the plant with the most leaves was not necessarily the tallest.